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Venga Party Bus offers an affordable bus hire for Sydney and the surrounding areas which can provide a convenient solution for transferring multiple people to and from events.

It takes more than just turning up and dropping you off at your selected location. The problem for the person planning a transfer is whether the vehicle will turn up on time, will the driver know where they are going and is the vehicle up to standards.

A Venga Party Bus, we ensure your rides will follow with your plans. If there are multiple stops, we’ll make them, if there are alternate arrangements, we’ll adjust to them. We ensure our rides are up to standards to bring you and your guest too and from their destination in style.

Whether for a corporate or personal event, a group activity day or party, our bus hire gives you the flexibility to cater for a larger group of people. We offer satisfaction guarantee.

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We Care About Your Safety

No matter what the occasion is Venga Party Bus cares about your safety and will ensure you’re cared for whilst partying with us.

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